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My goals! Let’s stay accountable.

Goals, goals, goals!!!!

I’m a little late joining the party, but! I figure if I post here and make my goals internet public, maybe I’ll be held more accountable.

Last year I discovered Lara Casey’s PowerSheets and I fell in love with them! She is someone that is FOR people, she is an encourager and wants to see people succeed. I’m drawn to people like that, those that truly care for others and not just their bottom line. (Fully realizing that as a business owner, she cannot help but have one.) This year when they opened their shop with the 2017 “intentional goal planner”, I jumped on it and got one as an early Christmas gift. (I put a link down on the bottom! Also, in no way do I get any kind of kick back for this, I just love the products.)

Lara breaks your goals down in such a way that makes small ones feel hugely important and big ones completely tangible. I’m excited for 2017.

My goals are somewhat varied but after completing my biggest one last year (finishing my bachelor’s degree! yay!), this year is filled with day-to-day goals, relationship growth, and letting go of what I cannot control. At least releasing my iron grip a bit so my knuckles no longer glow white. SO! Here are my goals, in no particular order of importance or completion date:

Goal 1: Read my shelf of books. As I got closer to my graduation date I started collecting books that I wanted to read or re-read. I’ll post my list later. So excited to simply read for fun!

Goal 2: Overnight adventure with Ry (my hubs). Since becoming parents (over seven years ago) we have not gone away together. Neither of us regret not having done this, but our kids are at an age and point in our asthma journey, that we can reasonably do this now.

Goal 3: “Tour” Washington and see friends. The state I grew up in and called home for half my life, still brings so much joy to me and is home to many dear, amazing friends! I’m excited to journey through it this summer.

Goal 4: Colossians. I feel very vulnerable putting this one out there. Super, hardcore, my cheeks are red, NERVOUS. Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a writer. When I was a kid I would create my own newspapers, magazines, and books. I would interview my dad and make up story lines for my stuffed animals. These days, I want to write for women. So, this year I am going to write a devotional for the book of Colossians. Whether or not it sees the light of day, I will be doing this.

Goal 5: Read the Bible in 90 days! I have already started this one and I am so excited about it! I love spending time in the Word and it is really exciting to be reading through it again. A couple of summers ago a very dear girlfriend gave me the plan and devotional to go with it. She is such a gift, at the time I was overwhelmed with life and school and family and I just could not do it. SO! I started January 5th. Here we go.

Goal 6: Run a 10k! I’m finally in decent enough shape again, my back isn’t killing me, my hip pain is down to a minimum and I am looking forward to my fitness journey opening up again. I have not figured out which one I’m doing yet, it’ll be happening this summer, but I’ll post back when I do! (No more babies are growing in my belly, unless God does something CRAZY.)

Goal 7: Harder 5 adventures! I love going on adventures with my 4 men, our boys are 7, 5.5, and almost 3! We have an awesome time together and love making memories. I’m looking forward to more, purposeful time together.

Goal 8: Apply for at least 3 Master’s programs. I’m still battling on the degrees that would help me go further in my dream, and those that are possibly the “should” degrees that would make for a more responsible, adulting decision. Those give me an icky taste in my mouth…obviously I need to work on this.

Goal 9: Hunt with Ry this fall. I love spending time with my husband! He loves to hunt, it’s been roughly six years since I’ve gone out hunting with him…due to babies, moving, lack of childcare. This year is going to be our year though! That said, he starts at 7,000 feet and goes up over 10,000 and typically hikes 8 to 12 miles a day. Throw an animal on your back and OH MY LANTA. I need to get in hunting shape. We have four grandparents volunteering this year to make it happen. YAY!

Goal 10: Pray with purpose ,on a daily basis. Not just in crisis. I have a beautiful prayer journal from Val Marie Paper. I LOVE IT! I used her 6 month journal the last six months of last year and this year I got the one year journal as a birthday gift. (I turned 33 last week!) It has help keep me accountable to those I am praying for, as well as giving me the gift of looking back and really seeing prayers answered. If you want to grow more in your prayer life this year, I would encourage you to check out her journals! She has pregnancy journals, adoption, marriage, 6 month and year long, and more!

Happy Monday to you!!! I’ll be back soon. 🙂

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